Friday, February 11, 2011

Taken away

I am 33 (turning 34) and I have just come to the realisation that for the remainder of my fertile years, I will require some form of contraception. Any slim chance I ever had of a natural conception has been taken away.

It's a sobering thought...

I could of course defy the experts and just keep on keeping on, but the cost of operation after operation is adding up (not to mention the mental anguish of numerous operations year in, year out. To date I have had 4 operations between Oct 2006 and January 2011, a fifth operation is on the cards sometime in the next few months, bringing that total to 5 ops in 5 years :( I have truly had enough. The really freaky part of these figures is factoring in a full term pregnancy, effectively reducing it to 5 ops in just over 4 years. It's no wonder I've had enough.

So my natural conceiving methods have been taken from me, where does that leave us IF we change our minds about another child... Straight to IVF. Now that would have been friggen handy to know 2 years ago before I attempted this crazy notion of adding to our family the old fashioned way. My head would be in a far better place ~ hindsights a bitch!

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