Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Washed out and still waiting...

My appointment with the new surgeon was cancelled yesterday (due to an emergency surgery, and here I was thinking that this surgeon wouldn't have as many cancellations as my previous surgeon as she was an OB / GYNO...)
I'm feeling a little low today because I had pinned getting more answers on yesterdays' appointment and now have to wait some more (ok so I only have to wait till tomorrow... but I wanted answers YESTERDAY!)

I could also be feeling a little low because AF finally arrived today on day 30 (delayed due to last months operation) it's funny I've never had a 30 days cycle before... I usually average 24 - 27 days and over the past 2 years have been every 23 - 25 days no fail ~ so to actually get to 28 days and beyond is somewhat of a miracle. Surprisingly the thought never crossed my mind to test. It saddens me that I've lost that little shred of hope I would have ordinarily had being late, but boy am I glad I didn't have that hope - the falls are too just too big.

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