Friday, February 25, 2011

Written in the stars

Are you a horoscope reader? I am! Do NOT be surprised if you see titbits of horoscopes & tarot card readings appearing at times on this blog. Even though I don't live my life by them, it's fun to have a little hope! I am predominantly Taurus, though I am on the cusp and do have a lot of Gemini traits ~ are you on the cusp like me? Which do you read first? I generally gravitate toward a Taurus reading rather than Gemini, though I will read Gemini if they list my birthday as being in that star sign.

Earlier this week (the day of my cancelled appointment) my stars said  "Hold-ups and setbacks are a distinct possibility later today" a bit freaky considering my canned appt and feeling like I was setback several days ~ if only I had read my stars that morning, I'd have been prepared for the hold-up! 

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