Friday, June 17, 2011

Battle scars

I am starting to rack up the scars on my tummy... after operation number 5, I am now sporting 9 across my lower tummy. My belly button has been opened up five times... needless to say I won't be getting a belly ring anytime soon, for fear of it falling right back out ;) they are only small scars at about 1cm in width and I must heal well as the older ones are now just a sliver of silver, barely noticeable to the naked eye, unless you are looking really hard.

This first photo was taken 4 days post surgery. Such colourful bruising & you can just make out the incision from my earlier operation in January this year (see just below the middle scar) and on the left you can just make out a nice little bruise from the clexane shot they must have given me prior to waking up in recovery (this bruise was nothing compared to the bruise on my thigh from the 2nd clexane shot. I took this shot when I could just start to see one side of my waist returning again (the right side was still really puffy) The bloating wasn't as bad as it was in hospital, but it was still bad enough to be wearing tracky pants for over a week!!! IMG_8063

This shot was taken yesterday (3 weeks post surgery) The glue has fallen out of most of the incisions and the bruising has now gone. The scars are healing quite nicely and I am VERY impressed with the surgeons handiwork (though still too early to tell how they will look in a few years) I think these will fade and eventually become a small line like the one you can just make out below from my op in 2005 (you would need to zoom in real close)


I wear my battle scars with pride and though you won't ever find me wearing a bikini in public, the reasoning behind that is more to do with the saggy boobs rather than the numerous scars I have lining my tummy... I am quite easy going & open about my scars, I see them not as marks against an otherwise flat, trim & terrific tum (oh who am I kidding, I've had one child... the tummy will never be flat again!!! !) These scars mark my journey. Of where I've been. Where I am still meant to go. Each mark has been a step toward motherhood and more recently the unknown. They are for my family. Yet they are also for me. To remind me that life can throw you curveballs and sometimes it's ok to branch off onto the smaller non-traversed road. I wear them proudly and figure that one day in the future, if I ever get sick of re-telling my story, I can always lie and say this is where I attempted the botched tummy tucks ;)

Do you have battle scars? Do they tell a tale?

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