Monday, August 29, 2011


The house is still and quiet, the sounds of the birds are filtering through as I sit and soak up the silence inside. My baby girl is a little under the weather (sinus issues) and I opted to keep her home from Daycare today as she has had a low grade temp the past 36 hours. The temp appears to be stabilising and though she has remained relatively happy and upbeat through this little bout of sickness, earlier this afternoon it appears that she is definitely on the road to recovery when she argued black and blue that she actually asked to watch The Monster of Mexico NOT the Legend of the Vampire (Scooby Doo movies on TIVO - she absolutely loves them!) and for the record... she did ask to watch the vampire show *sigh* I should learn NOT to argue with the 4yo!!! When I made the decision to keep her home from daycare today, it came along with a strict instruction that she MUST have a daytime sleep for me today (she has slowly been dropping the day sleep more and more recently and most days I won't argue the point because she is off to school next year and will not be able to sleep then...) however I had to put my foot down, the best recovery for sinus (IMO) is sleep. So off she toddled off at 1:30pm and I could still hear chatter until around 2ish. For now she is sleeping and the silence is golden.

To be totally honest, I'm at a loss. Usually Mondays are my day off to potter around and do the housework, except I did all that this morning. The afternoons I usually spend trying to de-clutter some overflowing cupboard in the house (or get out in the garden) but today I'm just cruising. I guess I will wander out and get myself a cuppa and muffin & sit in the sunshine (while it lasts) and try to enjoy this rare moment of downtime. It's not like I can hustle and bustle around the house pulling things out and bagging stuff up for the op shop can I now? I wouldn't want to wake her any earlier than the promised time of 1 o'clock... (she really has no concept of time & makes me giggle) agreeing to wake her at 1 o'clock was the deciding factor of her having this little sleep for me today!

Perhaps I'll even take my notebook and do some writing in the sunshine.


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Lene said...

Do just that! Get in the sun and enjoy some peace, quiet and writing of course! Wish my ratbags would leave me alone for 5 minutes so I could join you. Sleep anyone?