Thursday, September 22, 2011

Small vent

I shirked off work this afternoon (sounds dreadful doesn't it... but in my defence I DID complete MOST of what was on my list, if you don't mention the overflowing filing tray - then nor will I!) and I have hidden myself away in my office to spend more valuable time on my first assignment. I finished working through the topic book on Tuesday and had made a really good start on the first section of the Assignment, so fired up I came in to try and finish the 2nd section.

All was peaceful and quiet until the phone rang. I saw it was an overseas number and I decided to give him a serve as they rang here FIVE times yesterday and each time I'd answer there would be silence and then disconnection tone. I answer and get some man (overseas with a bad English accent) telling me he is calling about my Telstra landline. I told him that I was NOT interested and please could you remove my SILENT number (that I pay Telstra for each month) from his call list because I wouldn't be changing my mind.

He spoke over the top of me "I can't remove it, I ring you all the time"

"Yes" I replied, "you rang me FIVE times yesterday, I want you to please remove my number"

I was then subjected to him saying OVER and OVER "I ring you ALL time, I ring you ALL the time. It my job. I ring you ALL time"

By this stage - quite fired up, my voice rose in frustration as I told him to stop being a smart arse and remove my f*ing number from his call list OR I will call Telstra and get you in trouble. What's your name. Silly boy started sing-songing his name and kept talking over me. So I hung up. Felt sort of rude for hanging up on him... but was truly to pissed off to care. Dumb idiots. What gives them the right to call here and WTF gives Telstra the right to release my SILENT number when I am ALSO on the no-ring register.

Grrr - worst part is I am so fired up that I had to come in here and get it off my chest before I can concentrate on my course and assignment.   



Unknown said...

How bloody annoying is that? I hate people waisting my time, and especially, talking over the top of me. I hope you feel better mow that you have vented.

Kirsty said...

I get the phone from Windows support or some IT support all the time trying to tell me my IP address is showing I have issues, they then try to sell you virus software or other support, anyway one time I had 5 calls in one day all from different places and in the end I was trying to get them to stop talking so I could given them a serve and they wouldn't stop so I starting telling them to shut up over and over (wanted to say more but had children at my feet) they finally stopped talking to say "Shut up yourself you stupid bitch" and then they hung up. After I got over the shock I actually had to laugh :)