Sunday, October 2, 2011


Remember this post?

Or this one?

It's back again. I've literally had ONE week. Two days of uncontrollable PMT. Another day of bleeding. FML. I'm starting on the third packet of BCP tomorrow night. Needless to say the fingers are crossed that this will balance my cycle out once and for all... though quietly I think I am dreaming ;)

In sheer desperation last night, I pulled down numerous containers of vitamins littering my 'medicine' cupboard and found a half used container of Vitamin B6 - still in date. I started them last night in the hopes that it will help to balance the PMT. Heaven knows I need something, though today has been marginally better but then hubby is home & acting as a buffer, I struggle when I'm home alone with the child and dog as there is no down time nor any alone time. I ended up taking myself off to bed and watching a show by my lonesome last night and after 2 barcardi's the quiet time was relished! Today everything seems better. And hey if all else fails with the B6 and mood swings, the extra B6 in my system will hopefully keep those blasted midgies and mozzies at bay.

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Domesblissity said...

Funny about Bathurst Car. Hubby and I were officials at the Australian Rally Championships and Indy on the Gold Coast before kids. Now? Hmmppf! Oh, and go Holden (from another closet fan!) LOL

Anne xx