Friday, October 21, 2011

Forgive me...

I'm struggling. Between constant sinus headaches (eased since starting antibiotics, but started up again this afternoon) teary PMT like feelings and getting yet another blasted breakthrough bleed *insert really bad profanity here* I've just not had the headspace spare to post nor make any comments on fellow WOW posts (I am really sorry... I go to read and lose focus) I didn't even manage this weeks WOW.

I've not been writing either. Too much sickness, my daughter got sick which resulted in spending half a night up with her. Three days later I am still feeling exhausted.

With the consistent bleeding I have been getting... let's see 60 days on continuous BCP I've had about 19 days of 'breakthrough' bleeding - considering CONTINUOUS means I shouldn't be getting ANY at all, I'm pretty peeved off. My Doctor has advised to wait until I finish at least 5 packets before considering changing brands. But that means making my body re-adjust to a different dosage of the pill and thus making it another 3 months of trial and error. Although I have not been getting pain (which OMFG is such a blessing in disguise) it is still really irritating. I'm exhausted. earlier this week, I dropped the girl off at daycare came home and crawled back into bed :( I'm starting to think that my iron levels might be a bit depleted but since I've heard horror stories of iron tablets, I have decided to try the daily Berocca + Multi-vitamins to see how they go.

It probably doesn't help that LIFE has gotten rather busy of late. I ended up cancelling a play-date today and spent the day vegging out around home with my girl. I'm behind in everything, but have been crafting which makes me HAPPY, so I guess all's not too bad ;)


Sarah said...

Big hugs Car and don't worry, WoW will still be waiting for you when you feel up to it.

I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself over the last few days with no real justification and certainly not with the physical crap you have to deal with.

Take it easy and I really hope you feel better soon x

T. said...

I know how you feel. I have Gitelmans syndrome, and have good days and bad days. I'm sure everyone in wow understands that sometimes people can join in and other days they can't. We all have something life throws at us. And when it does we have no choice but to deal with it the best we can.