Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sense of Humour

When I was TTC baby number 1 (who is now 4) I always tried to keep up a good sense of humour (well humorous to me at least!) The ability to laugh at myself kept me sane in my moments of despair. This time around when TTC baby number 2 (did not happen - currently on self enforced 'mental' break) with everything that has been thrown at me, I lost my sense of humour. Nothing seemed funny. I couldn't see the bright side of any side. I just wasn't my usual funny self (my earlier writing attests to that). That was hard for me. I like to giggle at my own jokes (my husband rarely does... his sense of humour is vastly different to mine) I had to have a little giggle yesterday with my friend over something so remotely absurd it's ridiculous to even think - let alone contemplate coming true.

  • I'm on the Birth Control Pill.

  • I completed a full course of antibiotics.

  • A day later I got really sick (think Gastro... BOTH ends! Gross)

  • We took a little tumble (so to speak) somewhere between those 24 hours *blush*

Wouldn't it be funny if I now find myself pregnant. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... see it's so laughable I have to well... laugh!

It feels good to have my warped sense of humour back! They do say laughter is the best medicine ;)

And for the official record - I am not pregnant! Nor do I expect to be. This is just a random thought that flicks through my mind LOL

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Lillie McFerrin said...

It's nice to see someone looking for ways to laugh, always! I'm glad you're laughing. Sometimes no one understands what you're going through, even though they may want to. Unless you get it (I have MS), whatever it is, you just don't "get it".

Keep laughing :)