Wednesday, December 28, 2011

With Distinction!


I submitted my first Creative Writing assignment late November. Usually a 3 week turnaround and not knowing what happens with Christmas holidays for an online College etc I didn't expect anything until well into the new year!

Well blow me down when I found my assignment returned the Friday before Christmas AND I scored myself a Distinction (2nd highest score, between 70-89%) I am beyond excited with that result. From the beginning I had told myself I would be happy with a mere pass (which is 50-59%) due to my earlier in the year lack of confidence issues… so to get this result straight out of the gates - I am thrilled! Plus it's given me a boost of confidence for the next assignment which I'm hoping to get cracking on over the holidays if I can escape to study some afternoons!

A perfect end to an otherwise spectacularly crappy year! Bring on 2012!!!   


TheThingsIdTellYou said...

Oh! Well done! That's an amazing result.

I've always wanted to do a creative writing course, but I'm terrified to do one. I'm terrified of the rejection. You're brave - and you're excelling! You ought to be so, so proud!

Sarah said...

Hey Car - I've tagged you in the blog buddy questionnaire to winkle you out of hiding - hope all is ok x