Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Energy, where for art thou?

As part of my check up at the GP, I mentioned how tired I've been with the continuous spotting / bleeding I've been experiencing whilst on that blasted pill. After listening to me for a while she offered to send me off to do a blood test, full blood work to check iron levels etc. It's not like I've been doing too much with myself of late - I've not been rushing around and into Brisbane every week for appointments (though that has all started again… stay tuned) yes I now find myself in a new routine taking my daughter to and from school each day (20min drive each way) but I shouldn't be feeling THIS tired. I don't have any inclination to go to sleep prior to 10:30 and I am usually awake by 6-6:30am each morning which means IF I sleep through and most nights I generally do then I am getting a good 8 hours sleep. Yet I find I'm still so tired. I can't function without 2 coffees and even that is a struggle… some mornings I'm simply hanging for that 2nd brew.

I started the morning today with a Berocca. I'm figuring it can't hurt trying, it's not like I have anything to lose and besides the extra hit of B vitamins will help with the PMT AND the local mozzie populace!

Last month I was so tired. Exhausted - in fact some nights I could barely raise my arms to do anything remotely crafty. I had planned a sunrise photography excursion with a friend but cancelled at the last minute because by the end of the week it was a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and I kept trudging on.

So prior to the recent school holidays I wandered off and gave blood to yet another vampire (thankfully this one didn't hurt… too much) turns out that everything is spot on with my iron levels, no sign of anaemia and no issues with thyroid and whatever they check up. There is no known reason as to why I had been feeling so darn tired.

So it appears I may just be lazy (and tired).

** post script ** I have since finished taking the pill and the pesky bleeding has stopped; energy levels seem to be returning so I'm taking a wild guess that it was the BCP that was rendering me exhausted. That and being a lazy cow.

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Sarah said...

Exhaustion on that level is nothing to do with being a lazy cow Car.

Even if there isn't a medical reason for it then it probably IS linked to your physical wellbeing

Ongoing medical conditions will pull you down emotionally and leave you feeling totaly wiped out, believe me, I know.

Just listen to your body for now without putting extra pressure on yourself by feeling that you could or should be doing more that you feel able to.

Treat yourself kindly and take care x