Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{Forgotten} a Visual Dare Prompt

She stood still as the overgrown yellow grass brushed past the backs of her bare legs. She stared sorrowfully at the remains of the wreckage. At some point someone had replaced the fence, resolutely it stood against the backdrop of the rusted out truck lingering within its boundary.

For years she had searched for him, finally finding the ugly truth lying here in this vast field of nothing, engulfed by brittle yellow grass.

In death as in life, he had found only solitude and she wept quietly for a loss of life that had shone so bright for such brief moments.


Linking up with Angela and her Visual Dare this week after taking some time out to rest my writing hand. I must say I am happy to return to writing daily again!   


LittleWhiteDove said...

My heart aches for her :(

Nice to have you back xx

Unknown said...

What a terrible sadness there is to this tale. Truly moving.

sjp said...

Love the imagery here, the pace and flow of grief, great piece

Angela said...

Heartbreaking and solid, with the new fence as a jarring line of how life has pushed on when she could not. Beautifully wrought piece!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful created text. Well done.

Anonymous said...

A sad tale beautifully written.