Thursday, January 24, 2013

Writing and travelling!

Last year I wasted a lot of time - when I found myself with time to spare; rather than make the most of it - I floundered and squandered about spending far too much time on Facebook. THIS year, I need to get cracking with my study and my writing. I need to stop treating it as a hobby and start being serious about it. I've decided to treat it as though it were a job and have written myself a strict timetable in iCalendar with designated times for Study / Work and of course Play. I am hoping this will help me achieve even more this year. 

I also realised after a few impromptu study dates that I am not set up to travel and write. Technology wise, I have invested in special programs which help immensely (stay tuned, I'm planning a blog post on those programs in the very near future) but when it came to taking the office on the road. I just didn't have what I needed.

With tentative talk of doing some trips later this year and hopefully some longer ones in the future I needed to start looking at some new systems.

My laptop (a MacBook Pro) has a small hard cover case which is great, but when it comes to travel, it's a PITA. Its the sort of case that has no handles and I needed a bag to take it and well it was just far too difficult.

Introducing my new Laptop Bag - retro style - that I picked up at Officeworks earlier today. $38.95 BARGAIN!   

IMG 4605














I packed it up with a few essentials and found that I can comfortably fit my MacBook Pro (13"). A4 notebook for study + tutorials. iPad case with iPad + keyboard inside. A4 notebook for research + copy of my full manuscript (50+ pages) with room to spare! And it wasn't terribly heavy! 

IMG 4604














And of course my iPad couldn't go without the matching retro red cover.

IMG 4606






















I think I'm all set now to take my writing on the road. I can foresee many study dates in my near future!!! 

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LittleWhiteDove said...

Ok. Call me dense. But is there a reason you need the laptop PLUS the iPad and keyboard? Aside from justifying new bags and cases, that is ;)