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13 in 13 Challenge… Book 4 - History

Little White Dove
 Book #4 - 13 in 13 Challenge 

Cross Stitch; Diana Gabaldon (published as Outlander in the US) 

Genre: History (part 1) 

Cross Stitch

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Originally I had planned to read The Secret River by Kate Grenville for my "History" genre book. However after completing a collection of 4 short stories of Diana Gabaldon, and remembering just how much I love her series and realising I hadn't read them for 5 years - I decided to indulge and embark on the epic series once more.

Rather than make this challenge easy for myself (no… we couldn't have that now!) I decided that instead of reading but ONE History book for this genre - I will read ALL 7 of Diana Gabaldons' epic tale.

Well that's not really the reason - the real reason being that Book 8 is being released later this year (YAY) and well it also gives me more blog fodder!

I finished the first book in the series in record time, just under 2 weeks for 864 pages! The second book will take me longer as I am prone to struggle with it (what is it with 2nd books in series - I ALWAYS struggle with them!) By the time I'm finished all 7 books for the History Genre - it will take me to a grand total of 6350 pages. Surely that will be enough to give me TOP prize in the booty for this challenge - right?

If you haven't read these books, I do highly recommend them. They aren't for everyone but the way Diana writes her stories, she has a way of sweeping you along for the ride. She is a born story-teller. Plus discovering what the 18th century scots wear under their kilts is rather titillating ;) it is ultimately a romance novel, steeped in a lot of history with a twist of fantasy. If you had absolutely no interest in going to see Stonehenge prior to reading these, I assure you after reading them - you will be itching to get there and throw yourself between those stones. Read the book to find out why ;)       

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