Thursday, March 21, 2013

{Paradise} a… prompt.

A solitary figure, she stood on the edge of the outgoing tide. Water swirling around her ankles, leaving faint white marks across her feet. The salt trail stung her bare legs, a match to the stinging trail of salty tears running down each cheek. 

Like the smile that broke through her tears, she watched as the suns' bright rays pieced the few clouds along the horizon and she prayed. What else was left but to pray. 

The sergeant had arrived the night before, bearing papers requesting his immediate return and before they had a moment to say goodbye; he was gone, bound for the first ship back to the front line. She had wept bitterly all night, their brief holiday shattered by life on the outside. 

The sand tickled between her toes, the same sand they had frolicked upon late into the previous days. 

She smiled as she remembered how unabandoned they were. Able to act that way now they were wed. She looked far out into the horizon dreaming she could see his face one last time as she slowly removed her red scarf. Holding it between two fingers, it gently swayed in the wind as she whispered good bye. Goodbye to her love. Goodbye to their life on hold. Goodbye to their paradise. Slowly she released her hold upon the red scarf, watching it drift away with the ebb of the tide. 


I sat on the floor of the playroom earlier in the week, determined to write one small piece for a prompt. Hoping that I could tie in in somewhere in my story. I took the Prompt Paradise. Thinking it belonged to Visual Dare and churned out 250 odd words. I felt good. My fingers were finally tapping keys and though it isn't my best work, its words on paper and for me right now - is a good thing. Then I checked and realised the prompt was for Five Sentence Fiction. A moment of heart sinking, how could you be so stupid thoughts before I decided that rather than delete sentences, I would leave it as it is. I like it. It is a piece I can build upon. So for now - I'm not linking up to either prompt. 


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Oh I love this! ♥♥♥

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