Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Job Title...

Last week ended in an explosion of attempted tears (you know that feeling like you need a *BIG* cry but no tears are forthcoming) and a lot of soul searching within. 

While I do 'work' for my husband; I have effectively been job-less (i.e. not working outside of the home for another company.) Sure my "job" has lots of perks and none of the stress of previous jobs. And for all intents and purposes, it IS a JOB. If I don't do it, we would need to pay someone else to do it which then technically becomes a REAL JOB.

Suitably confused now?

I will admit to struggling with peoples conceptions of what I do every day and at times it really irks me that I am seen as just another Stay at home mum. My own issues entirely to deal with. However last week became one of those weeks. I rushed from here to there. My house was a mess. I worked hard to meet work deadlines. I fed my family. I rushed there and back. I studied hard and then I just collapsed.

With dirty floors and piles of washing to be folded; a toy room you wouldn't send a dog to live in and a kids bedroom that was knee deep with paraphernalia. It was sinking.

Then there were two comments that got me thinking… Miss 5's new teacher said to me "So what do you do with your days then?" of course I assumed she was accusing me of being a lazy sot, so I quickly jumped the defensive line, "I work for Hubby and I study; a lot" says I.

However… it was in the form of a conversation I had with Miss 5 on the way to school that got me really questioning myself.      

Her: "Mum, what do you DO while I'm at school?"

Me: "I work for Daddy and I study too"

Her: "Yes, but you also drink coffee"

Me: "well some days I do have a coffee. But I do work you know?"

Her: "Yeah, I know that. But even when you work for Daddy - you just stop what you are doing and you go and drink coffee; don't you?"

Me: "um. well. Yeah"

Her: "See. You drink coffee"  

When it appears that your daughter doesn't believe in your work… well it leads one to wonder just what exactly it is you do every day. 

So for this week only - I am officially taking the job title as a part-time Coffee Connoisseur. 

What's your job title? Does it bother you being labelled as something you clearly are not? 


LittleWhiteDove said...

That sounds like something my kids would say! If it makes you feel better, when I told Bear to let Daddy rest on holidays, he replied "but he ALWAYS gets to rest!" "When?" "Every weekday, mummy, when he's at *insert workplace here*"

Cue maniacal laughter from Mr Dove and I!!

Karen said...

As per usual, your post is a delight to read and got me thinking. When my 10 year old was about 5 someone asked her what we did for work and she relied that Daddy played in playgrounds (he manufactured and installed them) and Mummy sat on the floor and played with clay and pencils (my artwork) She was so proud :)