Thursday, April 4, 2013



  1. Having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it.
  2. Processing or displaying resolve.

There is nothing quite like someone nipping at your heels and catching you on word counts, that make you pull out all stops and want to start writing again! My story has languished. After storyboarding it sometime late last year, I have since procrastinated every step of the way.

IMG 5085





















This is a small section of my Storyboard; all kinds of pretty with its use of Copics and colour. Washi tape and mini Post-its. (did I mention the procrastinating?)   

Then I froze, apart from a small snippet here and there I began writing inane blog posts from how I write on my computer to how I store my files. Ok. Ok. Admittedly they may be totally relevant to the up and coming newbie novelist (hah! I am still one myself!) but do they suit a purpose other than blog fodder? To be completely honest, I was in a writing (& blogging slump) studying, working and motherhood will do that to a woman! So in order to jump back in I needed a series of inane posts to keep this place barely floating. Posts that although won't be worthy of a pulitzer prize - posts that will have me return to this little space I've made.

With any luck, growing it and nourishing along the way until it becomes more. 

When I find the MORE I am looking for, I will be sure to share. Until then, I am absolutely determined to change things around. Shake it up. Rather than be a place just for writing prompts. Or snippets of how crappy life is with Anxiety. I want to evolve and write more. More diversity. More topics. More depth. I think I can do all that but if I am determined to do it - then I know it will get done. 

My story has remained stagnant. Too scared to go back and start (eek) editing. Too scared to move forward to Part 2 (which is a whole new direction). I've done NOTHING bar a few small word prompts. 

Until a writing race earlier in the week spilled a few hundred words and I started to feel the spark.

Last night I sat with determination, pen and paper. A return to old school and I started writing. Watching as each word flowed off my pen tip and onto the page. With a little inspiration from Miss Dove, I was finally writing a decent instalment to my story. And finally starting to incorporate some of what I've learned during my Creative Writing course. It felt wonderful.

IMG 5084






















Its messy. Its mistake ridden. Yet it is words. I aimed to write 2x A5 pages, thinking it will be between 4-500 words. I ended up churning out 3.5 that should be closing in on 700 words when I transfer it to the laptop. Until then I plan on more hand writing each day and hopefully with this new direction, it will soon be back on track. 


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LittleWhiteDove said...

Hahahahahahaha, oh you are so funny! Because my poxy little story is anywhere close to yours. *pauses* to catch breath*

Glad to know you are back on track! My goal is to add 2.5k words in the next week - maybe some wordsprints in order? xxx