Monday, April 29, 2013

The future…

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My weekly job title of Coffee Connoisseur is sadly coming to an end; which of course prompted me to start thinking of the future.

What is it I want to do in life?

While most days I am fairly certain I need a change of career - I can't help but wonder what it would be like to go back to work in some capacity for another company? A new start perhaps? However for this year and possibly next, my job prospects will continue to revolve around our home business while I study in every spare moment I have. Who on earth leaves their study modules until the last year? Me; that's who!

At the moment I am studying two correspondence courses - both of which will give me a Diploma IF I PASS.

A Professional Photography Course and a Professional Writing (Creative) course.

For the past year or so, I've been contemplating a career path utilising both courses and I could never really see how they meshed together. 

Until now.

Earlier in the month I went along to a  seminar at our local library. On the day I was sick and was wishing I was tucked up in bed with my heat pack and cup of hot tea. Wondering why on earth I'd signed up for Freelance Writing. 

Beyond writing my novel - which I'm unsure will ever be good enough for publishing; I have no idea where I'm headed. 

So here I was, sitting amongst a heap of other aspiring writers in my community listening to a seminar on Freelance Writing presented by Tianni Templeton. It was brilliant. Insightful, Informative and Inspiring - exactly what I needed to hear. A possible way of weaving my writing and my photography into something more than just a passion. I walked out of that seminar for the first time in a long while, actually thinking that I could do it. This could be an avenue I could take. Of course my mind starts ticking with all the things I could be doing. Wanting to jump in with both feet, but knowing in my heart that I need to take it slow. My first priority is to finish my 2 courses. In the meantime I am slowly compiling a list. I love lists.   

Who knows. Something like this might be just wishful thinking. Perhaps it will never work out for me and I will need to remove my head from the clouds and look at reality.

For now though, I am going to take this little DREAM of mine and am going to nurture it and use it as my motivation. 

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Sarah said...

You know what Car? We all need our dreams so never stop believing in them.

Dreams CAN and DO become a reality so keep dreaming for now and when you are ready, make it happen x