Monday, May 6, 2013

{re} living the 1900's

Last week I found myself on top of the housework, on top of study (hello… one completed tutorial in a day!!!) so I gave myself a day to do a little further research into Genealogy. Several hours later - I had multiple news articles bookmarked. Considering my family weren't likely millionaires (well if they were - they must have spent it before I arrived ;) I am finding many, many mentions of them in the local papers of the time. Its very exciting when you find something new to add to the pile of growing research - especially when it wasn't something you previously knew. 

Most of the time, I have to assume that it is the same family by method of deduction. Luckily my great-great grandfathers last name wasn't overly common and the area he lived wasn't as built up (he lived in the country) so I can only assume that Mr J XXX who applied for a land ballot in this general area was indeed my relative.

I find it fascinating. 

Before I knew it - hours had flown by and it was nearly time to dash back out for the school pick up. Not before I found a small clipping, the mention of my Great Great Grandparents along with another 2 names of another family entirely. One I've never heard of - but one I intend to have a look into because I am nearly positive it relates to my late nan, but with these other two names, I'm a little confused.    

A few weeks ago, I booked into a genealogy session at our local library and though we didn't find out too much, it was sort of exciting to be finding census records of my Great Nan all the way up till her death in the early 60's. Unfortunately we hit a dead end on my Great Grandfather… he appears to have disappeared, but I am even more determined to dig up some ghosts on his past. I need to know a little more for my back story.  

All of this has given me the oomph I needed to get back into my research and my writing. I found a great little book at the library a few weeks back. Before I knew what was happening, it had fallen into my cart at Book Depository and is now sitting in my bookcase begging me to read it. 

Family History























Over the weekend I pulled out all my printed manuscript and slowly started editing it. I am starting with paragraphs… who on earth, writes a story without paragraphing??? ME that's who! Oh my. If only I knew now, what I didn't know then! Life would be a lot easier. The first page was duly edited with paragraphing added and a rough glance at the atrocious spelling (I blame the touch pad on my iPad) Correct grammar to follow as well chopping up sections to make it read a little better. Anyhow exciting stuff, it went (a whopping 1.5 pages) to my BETA's who have both said its great. Though they are friends. Perhaps they were just being nice ;) 

Now the plan is to attack my studies with abandon so I can finish them, then I will be head down - bum up trying to write this story because after all this research and dipping my toes in. I've decided I REALLY want to do it. I want to write novels. 

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