Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Throw down another challenge why don't ya?

 Well Why not? We all know it doesn't take much for me to say YES PLEASE! 


So even though "technically" part of this I had already planned on doing; we don't need to rehash a technicality right?

And hello - who watches the Lizzie Bennet Diaries without reading the original works? Me, that's who! and lets not mention the {fictional} messages to Miss Dove saying - whose Darcy? Because really - how was I supposed to know Darcy was an integral part of the show 

Now this all started with Kylie

Um. No. That's not right. 

This was Miss Dove

And Skip. 

And if we REALLY must be honest. Beesome, Alleycat and Esther played their small parts too. 

Confused much? Okay refer to Fan girl (aka Miss Dove) blog. She gives an accurate run down of whose at fault. And for the record - it wasn't ME!

Or go straight to the source - Kylie set the original challenge.


IMG 4057

























So lets go back a few days - over the weekend while Kylie and I were supposed to be sewing (but really she was cursing her machine because it ran out of bobbin thread and didn't tell her ;) I was sitting beside her innocently swearing about not bringing the fabric along to complete a quilt… as you do.) when suddenly she leant over and said "hey Car I saw your blog post about Pride and Prejudice and we need a challenge?"

"Challenge?" I say. Ears perking up.

It was then I may have admitted to her that I had never read P&P because well… its a classic. I don't do classics well - the language bamboozles me and I'm ashamed to admit I find myself reading a page then putting it away with every intention to pick it up once more. So we devised a way to read it together - a read along challenge of a chapter each week.

Yesterday the cherry was dangled to our Miss Dove (remember her… she being the one that started this whole P&P crazy) and before long we had a bite.

Reeling her in & unbeknownst to me; the challenge rippled outward and has become the challenge to meet all challenges. To be completed by 31st August. 

1) read the book "Pride and Prejudice"

2) watch the "Lizzie Bennet Diaries" found on you-tube

3) watch a Pride & Prejudice movie (or the BBC miniseries)  

4) choose and declare the BEST Darcy EVER for bonus points.

Oh… hold on. I'm not sure that last one is part of the original challenge. Oh what the heck - keep it in! 

IMG 4059












Are you keen? Join us during the winter months as we re-live a classic.

And honestly - I think I win hands down; just because my copy is all pretty pink and girly! 


Unknown said...

I'm so adding the fourth one! Was originally going to do a chapter a week but there are sixty something chapters!! That's a bit much I feel. Surely we can do it in three months, can't we??

LittleWhiteDove said...

Seriously? No contest. Daniel Vincent Gordh wins best Darcy. Hands down. *swoon*

Kylie - 3 months will be heaps, promise. I read P&P in a week the first time. LBD runs a little over 9 hours. 2 for the movie (or 5 if you go the BBC mini series).

Surfing Tumblr for Darcy gifs, however....