Saturday, June 8, 2013

13 in 13 Challenge… Book 6 - Non-Fiction

Little White Dove
 Book #5 - 13 in 13 Challenge 

Down to Earth; Rhonda Hetzel 

Genre: Non-Fiction





Another book finished - for the non-fiction part of this challenge; I decided to finally read my copy of Rhonda Hetzels' "Down to Earth" Maybe you've heard of the Down to Earth Blog? When I'm feeling all homely, or when I'm feeling like I am not living simply enough, Down to Earth is my go-to blog to read. 

I have had the book sitting in my cupboard pretty much from the day it was released. While I picked it up and flicked through every now and again, it seemed like the sort of book I would reference rather than sit and read in one sitting. 

So when this challenge was created, I thought it was a great opportunity to pull it out and read it cover to cover. 

It covers a lot of what can already be found by searching Rhonda's blog but the beauty of it being in book form means that when I want to look up the bread recipe or a quick knitting project - I don't need to go to the computer and subsequently become sidetracked by other parts of the internet.  It is handy having all the information in one spot. 

The book covers living simply, from budgeting, to growing your own fruit and veges, to cooking from scratch. Areas I want to work toward into the future. 

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