Thursday, July 18, 2013

{locked} a five sentence fiction

She had arrived at the home late last night, while the night sky was as black as a magicians’ cloak. A small one-bed room in some ways starker than the hospital room she'd called home these many months past. The wooden floors, cold beneath her bare feet squeaked as she walked, an accompaniment to the sounds of crying across the hall. Padding quietly toward the door, her hand hovered nervously over the brass handle. An audible click was heard as the door swung inward, croaking ominously, a blinding vision in white standing stoic, between her and freedom.


A quick five sentences written late last night to ease myself back into the swing of daily writing again. Poor Miss Dove has been trying to tee up a virtual writing date with me, but each time she's messaged me I've been out and about. I'm supposing its only Karma that I message her last night right as her phone dies. Today I will write alone.  

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LittleWhiteDove said...

Love it! And I's back baby! I have big plans to get some serious foundation work done these next couple of weeks. My goal was to get first draft of L&P done before Christmas, so time to get serious!