Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#amwriting #amediting

I returned to Twitter today after a relatively lengthy break because frankly it was just another platform of social media that required thinking. Unlike Pinterest and Instagram where I just need to pin or add a cute photo - Twitter was fast becoming just another place to chat to a few choice (& awesome friends.) 

Then the #fangirl screaming started over the weekend when Kate Forsyth not only replied to my tweet but started following me too - a REAL AUTHOR following this little try hard writer. I was a little excited (okay A LOT excited!) 

So this morning I popped by and retweeted a Tip by Henry Miller
"Forget the books you want to write. Think only of the book you are writing"

A timely reminder as a hundred new story ideas have started buzzing through my mind. I have started jotting down the potential storyline ideas into a notebook in the hopes they will one day come to fruition, but in the meantime - I must focus. On one story and one story only. 

My second tweet of the morning went like this: 

"Back to the novel writing today, procrastination is no longer the new black. Send coffee. And chocolate. #amwriting #amediting" 

And that my friends is precisely what I've done. Except for the writing part. And editing part. Well lets just say I've been re-arranging all the teeny tiny snippets of writing prompts that I've done over the previous few years.

IMG 6034























I still have a little more organisation to complete this task in full, but for now I'm happy with how its starting to come together in an easier (for me) format. I even started my new notebook (more on that system to come in another blog post!)

Each snippet has been catalogued with a title and word count so I can keep track of what I've written and whether I've added it to my Writing Prompts master file. Knowing I have all potential story pieces saved in one area means I have a clearer head to expand on them further in which case they will be added to the main story. 

I wish in a way I had of known these types of tricks back before I started writing my story! 

In exciting news though - after collating all the prompts I could find; it appears I have MORE words than expected. With two more scenes I'm working on for my assignment my total words count (including prompts) is OVER 40,000… I'm feeling a little emotional at this! 

IMG 6036


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LittleWhiteDove said...

I hope you aren't blaming ME for your twittery distractability??? This week my dear, we shall sprint! xx