Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Scenes vs. Excerpts

School holidays are upon us and it has been a crazy few days of outings, birthdays and playdates.  

Time is at a minimum so I'm assuming that blogging will be few and far between until the school term resumes. I've a few posts in my head, but it will depend on finding the time and headspace to write it down. 

The past few weeks I have been attempting to dip my toes into the daily writing scene. Enough time has passed and if I ever want to FINISH my story I need to put words on paper. 

Except I struggled to get into a routine and the words felt rusty as they tumbled onto the page and I was so very aware of all the mistakes I was now making (and have made in the past.)  Learning about writing is all good and well until you compare your own writing. So my desk is now covered in lists of important stuff I need to double check. As well as items that need more research before I can say that section is complete. 

Not wanting to feel daunted by all the rights and the wrongs, I decided to start small. 200 words. One A5 page. Every day. 

The only issue is I found I was writing a series of excerpts in the one scene. Usually when I have written in the past (like NaNo) I had been writing a full scene at a time (around 2,000 words) 

Writing a scene at a time meant that each day felt complete but I still felt that my writing was stilted and was unsure whether the scenes would mould together upon reading them back.   

Writing a 200 word excerpt from a scene seemed easier but harder. Each day it was left unfinished and then the following day I would struggle to keep flowing with that particular scene. Again I found myself lost and writing disjointed pieces. 

Where is the happy medium? 

I honestly haven't found it yet. However I did find a few links via Twitter on Saturday morning.   

Then I stumbled over #writechain 
Simply - you set a writing goal; you follow your writing goal; and see how many links you can create. 

My Goals - 400 words each weekday / 2 page edits per week. 

I am starting small and keeping it simple. Making it 400 words means each section will be a little longer than a small unfinished excerpt and I'm hoping it will flow along and create a flow on effect for the scene and overall for this section I'm currently working on. 

Saturday I finally finished a long drawn out scene I had been writing the past few weeks. 980 words later I had finally finished a scene that I had been working on for the past week. It felt awesome to finish it and made me wonder if I need to go back to writing full scenes in one sitting.  

This week I officially started the chain - I've managed 3 chains and 1783 words. Not much in the bigger scheme of things BUT the exciting part I am literally 30 words away from cracking 37,000 (not including writing prompts) and the crazy in me thinks I should pop on over and churn out 30 words just to make it even! 


LittleWhiteDove said...

You know you want to...

Sarah said...

Good luck with it Car, I'm sure you will get to where you want to be x