Wednesday, October 9, 2013

13 in 13 Challenge… Book 9 - Graphic

Little White Dove
 Book #9 - 13 in 13 Challenge 

Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead  

Genre: Graphic Novel 

Vampire Academy

It's been a while since I updated or read anything for this challenge and to be honest - I was starting to believe I could not finish it (truth be told - I'm still not sure I can finish it as the final few genres will be a really hard slog for me. Looking for my cheersquad - any day now!)

I have barely touched a book these past few weeks - even over the 2 week holiday I haven't been reading. I don't know why. Likely a combination of sinking my teeth into my own writing, spending far too much time on Pinterest and actually creating some stuff has left me with not enough time and no headspace to sink into a really good book.

Last week I was feeling a bit blah and over lunch decided to find a graphic novel I could read. I originally had every intention of reading the Smallville Graphic Novels (well more like Comic Books) but my husband informs me they are now up to issue 70 or something. Seeing how they are also on HIS iPad and I don't want mine clogged up with them; I haven't had a chance to read much more than 10 or so issues.

Friday I stumbled across the Vampire Academy book. I searched high and low for a ebook version wanting to read it then and there and thankfully iBooks had them at a reasonable price. I quickly downloaded it and curled up with my coffee and an hour later I was finished. I loved it - once I worked out which section to read next!

Now I know that Vampires are not some peoples "thing" and after Twilight they been a bit overdone (FTR I loved Twilight - give me light easy reading any day!) This series by Richelle Mead are different & I love the novels that this graphic novel is based upon. I would suggest though that rather than jump in and read the graphic novel, you would be far better off reading the original novels first. Although the graphic novels do explain the story to a point, the actual novel goes much deeper into the story and with 2 different types of Vampires (Moroi and Strigoi) as well as their protectors (Dhampirs) you'd best have some knowledge before diving into these. 

My only issue now is that the 2nd and soon to be released 3rd books aren't available as ebooks yet - so I have to wait for my next instalment! 

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Cheer squad reporting for duty! Go Car, go Car, go Car! What genres do you have left?