Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Magical Words and Numbers

Did you wonder where I got to? Yeah - so did I! 

I've been searching for balance - that elusive thing where you want to try and do everything but you lament lack of time and head space?  

The last two terms I've felt I've fallen behind on my study - today was a designated study day - 4th week back in term and have only submitted ONE assignment. I have another 2 that are so close to completion - I just need to jump in and finish them both. Today though I've managed to get completely sidetracked with planning and Facebook.  

I have however been WRITING! 

Last month I stumbled across a new hash-tag on Twitter - #writechain. In a nutshell it means you set your goals and you create links in a chain. If you miss a day the chain begins again. I figured setting myself a small target of words each day may work better than the Crazy that is NaNoWriMo. My goal was:  

Write 400 words each weekday and edit 2 pages per week. 

I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain - in 5 weeks I missed only ONE day (& that was a student FREE day) 


IMG 6381




















I have cracked the 50K! Hard to believe it took me nearly 2 years to get to that golden figure. Writing a small amount every day is far better for me and my wellbeing than attempting a crazy NaNoWriMo which will only burn me out and not let me concentrate on anything else. 

While 400 words a (week)day may not seem like much they do add up to 50K in 6 months. And the beauty is I don't always write just 400 - I have been averaging about 500, depending on how I'm feeling and the best part is I am utilising time I thought I didn't have. Rather than lazing about on the couch in the mornings reading Facebook on my iPad, I sit at the table with my coffee and I start typing on the iPad. Sometimes I get distracted but so far I have managed to get words down.

The 98 page manuscript is looking very real and very frightening each day it grows.    

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