Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Get Knocked Down

I'm having one of those weeks. I feel I'm taking a few small steps forward then three gigantic ones back. This morning was a great example of this: 

With only 20mins at breakfast to write; I churned out 468 words, a small reminder I am back in the game! #writechain x 2links!

Study came easily more words written in my index bible in time for a 10:30 coffee break.

A 15mins break spent reading a chapter of my Harry Potter & sipping coffee.

Soon I was back on the computer, not letting Facebook distract me - I took the 1322 word piece I wrote last week and condensed it down to 371 words, it needs a little more tweaking, but I was happy with it. Even better I'm keeping the 1322 words and adding them to my overall storyline (it doesn't really matter I've jumped ahead 10 years does it? And lets not mention that I had planned to end my story a little earlier than that #details!) 

As I was printing these stories, my body started to give out. Enter the three backward steps. Pains started to filter through my abdomen as my belly bloated and I have sat for the past hour curled up with a heat pack and reading more Harry Potter and sweating - gosh its hot today. 

I am tired to the point of fatigue (to the point my hubby asked me if I would be ok to do school pick up + after school activities)

But the worst thing about getting knocked down? I can't do up my pants - I am bloated on par to a woman with a 16 week pregnancy*

Today I have given up, I'm taking my steps this morning as progress and I'm letting this weary soul rest this afternoon. Tomorrow I will be "Getting back up again & fighting" and hopefully, just maybe I will be wearing pants that fit. That or I will be pulling out the yoga pants. Lets just pretend I've been busy working out 'kay?  

*possible over-exageration on the size      

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LittleWhiteDove said...

Yoga pants are legit. Chuck on a tank top, a cap and your joggers, and no-one will realise it's because you feel cruddy. Feel better soon sweetie xxx