Monday, May 12, 2014

I got nuthin'

To say or write. I want to write and be more in the zone with this blog and this writing caper - but I feel stretched to my limits. Too many eggs, not enough baskets. Or is that saying too many eggs in one basket and they keep falling out and cracking open? 

Such is my life. 

The past month has been spent ignoring the story I have to write, mulling over some health decisions, waiting for assignment results, pretending I do not need to write a poem and an awesome one at that, berating myself over being too negative on my health decisions and striving to find the happy in every day. 

Phew. Who wouldn't be tired after all that? 

I've sat to write on numerous occasions, even going so far as pulling out my manuscript and reading No Plot! No Problem! Yet I come up blank each time. Even a writing race with my numero uno last week ended in tears. Well not quite tears… BUT… a 411 word piece that fits nowhere in the grand scheme of things. My story feels as though it has hit a cross road and I seem to be stuck on some sort of groundhog day. 

Actually the whole darn thing feels like groundhog day. I'm stuck in a 7 year time frame and nothing seems to be happening. How many times can one woman walk up and down a hill. I don't have any desire to go back and re-read incase I find myself stuck in ground hog day. I need something BIG to beef it up. I need more adventure. More romance. More historical fact. 

I need to spend much time fine tooth combing my story.

All this is AFTER I finally received my results (High Distinction) on a memoir style piece I wrote and submitted. Am I the only writer who procrastinates through fear? How do others push on through the mental word blocks?   

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Sarah said...

God Car, the amount of stuff that rambles through my brain and never make it out through fear!

Congratulations on your memoir piece, take some strength and faith from it - you CAN do it even when it feels like you cant.

I think that even the greatest writer go through times like this and I guess the way out of it is different for everyone but eventually it will pass.

Maybe either write down everything no matter how bad you think it is and then you can pick it over later or, alternatively, give yourself a break (if you can) allow yourself some real time off where you don't think or stress about it even if it's just a day out doing something just for you.

Just have faith in the fact that it will pass and you will find that enthusiasm again. x