Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Negative Energy vs Health

That negative energy I was prattling on about last week. It was written well… well. 

BEFORE the nasty witch came visiting on day 21. Oh Yay. Another Three week cycle!

BEFORE I was struck down with the worst headaches and neck pain I've had in a while.

BEFORE the cramps struck an hour after panadol was taken for the never ending headaches.

BEFORE I cried because it was all together too much pain.

BEFORE the fatigue had me pinned to the couch. 


Turning these Negatives into POSITIVES 

I allowed my poor body to rest up for the whole entire day.

I watched not one but SIX episodes of Hart of Dixie… in a row.

I ate copious amounts of Roses chocolates.

I missed the School run because hubby volunteered his services.

I didn't have to cook dinner because Hubby decided I was too sick.


Truly though the biggest positive by far? By allowing myself a day off to rest, I have managed a full day of study and am feeling a little more in control of my timeline with this course. I daresay had I not succumbed to my ailments and tried pushing through I would have spent most of the afternoons this week recovering. I daresay it is a fair trade.

I guess what I'm trying to articulate here is that I felt guilty yesterday. I continually apologised to hubby for being useless, I beat myself up over the fact that I'd just said not a week earlier that I would not succumb to the pain - I would not continue to beat on about how bad it was and just get on with it.

Until I realised that my own internal chatter about focussing on the negative was actually more detrimental to my overall well being. I need to see that by admitting the pain can be bad is not admitting that I'm a hypochondriac or admitting defeat or admitting weakness - no admitting that the pain is bloody dreadful is showing that I can cope with that pain, I can live to see another day and I can deal with this disease as it snakes its way through my body.     

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