Friday, May 16, 2014

Striving for Happiness

A couple of months back it came to me that each day I was just "being" I wasn't actually "doing" anything out of the ordinary and while in most peoples lives, this is more than okay - for me it wasn't enough.

I spend far too many minutes being consumed by stupid worries and sweating the small stuffs somewhere along the way, I had somehow lost the real meaning of happiness. Don't get me wrong - I am overall a happy person - I certainly don't mope around every single second of every single day (contrary to what you might believe if you've ever read my blog!) Rather I just found myself buried amongst the the normal rushing of every day life and no longer stopped to smell the roses. 

My hubby thinks (& likely he is 100% correct) that Facebook is mainly to blame - which is another whole post in itself!  

If you've been following me for a while now - you will know that I don't do things by halves, within a few days of starting this I set up a small photo album and started a personal #projectBEhappy (featured on my craft blog) and then after stumbling across #100happy on Instagram, I signed up with a few fellow friends!  

I popped into KiKKi K recently and found this book, I admit the pretty "happy" colours on the front make me smile. This will be the book I read during Music Lessons each week and I'm hoping that it will provide a little guidance toward seeing through clearer eyes how to live an AWESOME and HAPPY life.    





















Not surprisingly when I got home, I remembered a little desktop calendar I bought a few years back for $2 that I had filed with my art journalling supplies - thinking to use the quotes on my pages. TURNS out that it is the same woman who wrote the above book - and yes I did feel a little silly about that mistake! 














I've popped it up on a mini art easel & each day I've been stopping to read the message and consider it. And if that particularly day inspires me to pick up my pen and start writing, then even better. 


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