Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I wrote a limerick…

In the last two months I have been taking a notebook with me EVERYWHERE.

During stolen moments I sit & try my hand at writing poetry.

Each and every time I am defeated. 

I think I might be putting too much emphasis on it and because I know it is needed for an assignment, I get all nervy and words are stifled.

Over the weekend, I was playing around with an art journal prompt - "use stamps in a different way" without much thought process I had stamped an image of a girl using four different stamps components and added a little colour to her. She looked a little sad and the page behind her was stark - so I picked up my pen sketched a few words on a piece of paper beside me and hey presto a Limerick was born.  

IMG 7721

















Incase you can't read it… 

There was a young girl from Cuskelly,
Her legs made from jelly.
Attempted to dance,
Instead she'd prance.
And land upon her BELLY!

Yeah. Well I didn't say it was a GREAT limerick. My whole point to this post is that in the time it took to take 15mins out of my day and create a whimsical girl from a bunch of higgledy piggledy stamps, it was less time to construct a few words on paper. By giving her arrow legs that look like they would shake like a bowl of jelly, I managed to come up with a little ditty that matches the girl and her expression to a tea.

What I need to remind myself is the words won't come if I force them. I must wibble-wobble my mind until it's like a bowl of jelly and maybe then I will have enough words on paper to construct a poem that works for this assignment.


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Sarah said...

Not bad Car, not bad at all - I love limericks and used to write them all the time. The secret is in the pace of the rhyme - without taking anything away from yours it might flow a little better something like this:

There was a young girl from Cuskelly,
Who's legs they were made from jelly,
On attempting to dance,
Found she could only prance,
Without landing flat on her belly!

Sorry, it's definitely NOT meant to be critical (or at least, only in a positive way) - love the picture that goes with it :-) x