Monday, November 24, 2014

{NaNoWriMo} Three weeks down!

Three weeks down and I can not only see the finish line, but I can taste that winning beer as it washes over my lips. I hear the cheers from Bec and AJ and the increasing shushing sound of their pom poms as they shake them faster. I can feel the hugs of congratulations, ghostly arms wrapping around my weary body as I collapse and sleep for a week and a half. With the smell of chocolate wafting past my nose I arrived at the end of week three and nearly stopped.

An incident on Friday afternoon nearly broke me (stay tuned - it - in itself deserves a whole post dedicated to it.) and I shuddered each time I passed my little book of awesome waiting for me to write a few more pages.

I went into the weekend - armed with a task of less than 8,000 words to go. I could easily finish this task over the weekend, leaving me with a whole week FREE of writing. Or I could get it closer enough that words could be finished by Monday or Tuesday.

And I bombed.

Saturday I spent the entire day with time on my hands after cancelling plans at the last minute. Yet it wasn't until 7pm I finally sat with my book and wrote a measly 368 words. My worst attempt yet.

I closed out the weekend on 44,019 words. This morning I was determined and wrote 2.5 pages before School drop off. Just now a further 2 pages added and I am writing super small to up that word count and at this stage I am adding ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I CAN THINK OF.

So how is the story going? Apart from the wavering word count? So far so good. I've lost track of my index card system and having to type in my previous days word count is a little annoying. Apart from that though - I am still invested in this story and it is nowhere near finished. I'm missing some major plot points in the middle part of the story and it took me longer to arrive here than I thought, so I am planning on spending time over the Christmas break plotting some major events and beefing it up.

I asked my hubby to take me exploring on the Island so I could gain some inspiration to take me through the final week (my book is partly set on our Island). Yesterday we headed up the 4WD tracks and had a picnic in a secluded spot. I took lots of photos along the way and am hanging to get to the beach side on a day that the tourists aren't around.

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