Monday, November 17, 2014

NaNoWriMo Update: Week 2

I won't lie... this week of NaNo was ALWAYS going to be a difficult one for me. With my health kicking me up the backside. Life getting on top of me and my house resembling a pigsty... I'm highly surprised I didn't throw in the towel.

Then there was the novel. This so called GREAT idea was turning into... something I wouldn't let my grandmother read NOR my BETAS if they were so inclined. It was losing traction, I was losing my place (having stopped the index card system that worked so well in week one) and as each day wore on, my word counts drooped until my story and the so called author looked like a wilted rose under the hot Queensland sun.

BUT I HAVE A PLOT. I'm just struggling to get the characters to walk the path I've chosen for them. Instead they are "walking here" "standing still" "wandering there" "opening this door" "closing that door"

So with stilted word counts and knowing I need to get the majority of my writing finished in the next 10 days since I would really LOVE to actually sew on my upcoming QUILT camp. I picked up this book and read the pep words of Mr Baty during week 2.

"There's a storm rolling in from the west. Week Two hurts so bad" 


Instead I whiled the week away on the couch. Fatigued. In pain. Hot and bothered. Yet still each night I put pen to paper. My word counts dropped steadily as each day dawned a promising new beginning and each night I dropped into bed numb and cursing that I could no longer spell basic words.

On the 12th my word count dropped to an all time low of 763 for the day. And those words I did get down were not worthy of drums and applause. They were just words to keep the story flowing.

Last night as I typed in yet another measly word count - I rejoiced to see that I am still ahead of schedule and I shouldn't complain because from here my health (crosses fingers) should be on the up as well as my energy levels and I feel as though I am slowly forging a path of progress for my characters.

Word count (as of Sunday 16th) - 31,439

Pages hand written - 95

Feelings - exhausted, but a little excited that most of my characters seem to be finding their own feet and are talking to me again. Even the evil ones that scare me a lot.

I have to admit that having only need to write 18.5K words for the remainder of the month feels SO MUCH BETTER than a daunting 50K. I'm still feeling overwhelmed with all that I need to achieve, but I am also quietly confident that I do have it in me to do this. Call me an overachiever but I have something to prove to myself and this story in this small time frame is pushing me to limits I did not know I was capable of.

Hopefully I will see you in a week with a solid word count - but if I want to do that, I must get off the computer and pick up my pen and start writing.

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