Monday, December 8, 2014

All over Red Rover

What began as a simple task of FILING my overflowing filing tray, has somehow turned into an epic marathon of archiving my filing cabinets then evolved into a "lets clear absolutely everything out of our tiny storage room since we can no longer move in there" 

From business files, to Christmas decorations, books and everything in between. We can no longer move in our office as there are boxes and bags spread from one end to the other. 

Today I started rifling through a single box of baby clothes... YES! BABY clothes... that once belonged to Miss 7. A job I have been neglecting as was too hard to do on all previous attempts soon became a game of - op shop, op shop, keep, op shop, op shop, keep. 

One box down. I started another. 

The Maternity Clothes. You know because I fell pregnant in 2006, gave birth mid 2007. It is the end of 2014 - you do the math. Obviously I have been in denial all these years, holding out hope that maybe, just maybe it would happen even though we are no longer "trying." 

Seven and a half years is a long time and I know it is finally time to say good-bye. Yet it feels as though the wound has ripped open all over again. I keep telling myself that they are "just clothes" they can always be replaced (on that slim off chance) and really they are more than likely out of fashion in todays standards. 

They may have been just clothes - but today I shed a small tear remembering.    

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becanne said...

And I'm shedding a tear right along with you.