Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Welcome to a New Year!

2015 is here. It is hard to believe that the anniversary of my first ever blog post is in 5 short days! Four years, 320 blog posts - mostly filled with moaning and groaning and sprinkled with some awesome snippets of writing! 

I have been contemplating (as I do every year) the direction in which to take this blog. Partly because I have huge plans to combat my health issues this year and I am hoping that once the dust settles and I work my way through the associated emotional upheaval (brace yourself, I intend on sharing snippets of my path) after it is over, I will be left with a gaping hole. 

I do plan on continuing with my  writing and though I haven't spent much time in the past year sharing my actual writing as in previous years, I am endeavouring a return to a few weekly prompts to get my creative side working.

Or perhaps I will just let this space take me where it wants to. More often than not, this little platform has a tendency to bounce me into the stratosphere and usually I tuck and roll and enjoy the adventure. That is one thing I like about this, writing whatever is at the forefront of my mind and not having to tick all the correct boxes.  

Does that bug you - coming here not knowing what to expect? Or are you happy to continue reading my nattering on any given subject? 

Most of January was spent on "holidays" (I did work but I was mum first, worker in the space between) since School is now back and I no longer have dreaded studies hanging over my head - I spent much of the month dreaming of what could be. I am still in the process (of dreaming) and I think until I remove my head from the clouds that have descended over me, my feet will never touch the ground and I will spend the entire year dreaming rather than doing. 

THIS year I would dearly love to re-structure my novel I started about my Nan's life. I hit a rough patch last year (grief is a dreadful thing) and the story was relegated to the bottom draw until such time I had a grip on my feelings. Rather than mope about never finishing it, I started something new (I am fast becoming the work in progress QUEEN!) I am also wanting to revise and finish that new story as well. Plus I want to return to a daily writing system where I am writing something every day. For some reason I have not managed to find myself on the correct path (I am writing - but its sieving off my mind - rather than a set structure ahead!) 

The same back to front way is happening in pretty much all aspects of my life at the moment. While it is a heady feeling to be so lack-sa-daisy in my approach to everything, it is also high time I enforced a little more focus and start doing one thing at a time. 

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Sarah said...

Dear Car, I'm happy to come here whatever you write about, it's just good to see you. I hope you manage to find the focus you are looking for in your writing, I've never managed to find any structure in mine, it's always whatever is floating in my head. xx