Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Writing {Endo Awareness Month}

What do you do to manage the mental anguish that comes with chronic illnesses? 

Personally I turn to writing. I write in my personal journal and find it extremely handy when it comes to repeating history. 

Except the last time I was shunted from Doctor office to Hospital back to Doctors Office to hospital once more - I barely wrote. A whopping 12 personal entries in my journal all of which were short and not so sweet. And lacked information that I dearly wish I had of recorded for prosperity.  

This time I have made a point of ensuring I write daily and armed with my Midori traveler's notebook and pen, not a day goes by it isn't by my side.

I've written on the beach last Saturday... 

Beach writing again on Sunday...

By a tranquil park and water feature in the city on Monday...

With the fresh air and the hot sun upon me, I wrote like a crazy woman. I took all of my thoughts, my fears, my trepidations and placed them for safekeeping between the pages of my journal. My writing like my emotions has been raw and honest. I have chosen not to flick back and re-read just yet, instead each day I add a new colour base and I write and write and write.     

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