Sunday, April 12, 2015

Releasing to the universe {or blogiverse}

Yesterday after I pressed Publish on *that* post - relief coursed through me. I took myself back to bed (my hubby had ordered strict bed rest before leaving me home alone) and once I was snuggled up in bed, I wrote and wrote in my journal. Releasing pent up emotions from the previous month and as the tears flowed down my cheeks, I finally let myself wallow in the moment.

Last night I slept through.

This morning I am feeling refreshed and am embracing what will become known as a "good day!" I am not saying that every day will be as good, but I feel better equipped to face each day good or bad and do what needs to be done to get through them.

It never felt right to be holding myself back from this space. It was this space that saved me four years ago as I spiralled and fought back. My little haven here helped me to discover myself and give me the oomph to grow and become more than what I originally anticipated.  I can feel this need growing within me again... so... {read on}

Before I went to hospital I had this CRAZY notion that I could attempt Camp NaNoWriMo
I'm not really sure what on earth I was thinking - but I had this idea that morphine induced creative writing would be an AWESOME thing. In all seriousness - if I could imagine a crazy ass idea like that BEFORE drugs, imagine what I could do post. Well it turns out that I did not receive any Morphine - instead they gave me something stronger which just rendered me SO SO SLEEPY! So while Camp kicked off - I spent the first few days dozing on and off for 48 hours... Not such a great  start huh?

Which really is a pain in the butt... because that was only part one of crazy idea. Part two came in the form of realising I simply HAD to make myself a #fauxdori (which is a leather style notebook, like the midori journals) for my creative writing endeavours only. Please don't question me - sometimes it is easier if you nod and agree. You can see more of how I made it & what is inside it here

Currently it holds four notebooks. Notebook 1: a lined midori - which will be for stories when I am out and about. Notebook 2: a home-made grid book - that for now has sketches and notes and information about my current novel (lets call it my brainstorming pages) Notebook 3: a plain midori - still deciding on this one, but I think I will use it for photos of my settings plus possibly some sketching of my characters if I feel like being super creative. Notebook 4: a homemade rainbow book - this one will contain quotes and notes I take from my own reading. I have downloaded a stack of writing books to my kindle and I figure if there is anything that stands out as I read through them, I can jot them here. 
I even found these cute little charms on my travels and I thought there were perfect to add to the front cover. Since my current story involves supernatural themes - I thought these were the perfect fit. And before you ask - I know making a journal and adding charms and talking about writing; is the ultimate form of procrastination - but honestly if you were a writer and could use your very own notebook dedicated for your story - would you not jump at the chance to own one?


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