Friday, May 15, 2015


Earlier this week marked 6 weeks post op - my final follow up appointment isn't for another week & a bit yet... so I am feeling unsettled. Ready to return to reality and resume life as it was before. Yet still mildly unsure if struggling to push that trolley in and around people was such a good idea. My body is usually a pretty good reminder of my limitations - yesterdays "lets finish the sweeping" resulted in a piercing pain within my midriff.

I am feeling so much better. My anxiety seems to have settled and my body is slowly returning to its former strength and I could say I have returned to most of my household duties, but I'm holding off for a few more days - to be on the safe side!

I get tired easily. One day of pushing results in a day lazing on the couch (when I say a "day" I mean the hours between school!) Yet that tired is NOTHING compared to the fatigue I was dealing with prior.

My mind is at ease. I am sure it probably won't always be so accepting of this and I am doubly sure that the grief of closing this chapter will rear its ugly head in the future, but right now I am feeling really positive.

Part of this I am sure can be attributed to my own personal {grounding} mission.

To think I absolutely DETESTED sand before! Now I cannot get enough. I would be there every day if time allowed. Getting around is easier with each passing day so I ditch the thongs and dig those toes into the cool sand and I breathe deeply as we watch the passage change colours. On Wednesday we were lucky enough to see two pods of dolphins frolicking past (of course I managed 20 photos of blue water with tiny black dots that I can only assume are dolphin fins on my phone!) 

Last week my mind was overwhelmed with limitations, so I grabbed a coffee, sent the girl to fossick for treasures along the waterfront. I sat in the sunshine with my Midori travellers journal, writing and sketching. 

My words for creative writing appear to be on holidays STILL. I am letting the pressure of "should be writing" go while I spend time enjoying the small moments of solitude surrounded by beauty and buried within the pages of my journal.  

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