Monday, July 13, 2015

No Excuses!

I want to be a writer.


I struggle to make it a priority in life. I seem to get my written pieces to a certain word count then I walk away. As each month ticks by I write less and less then a rush of motivation hits and I stare at them dumbfounded because I don't know where to start or where I was up to. The thought of reading 150+ pages just to see where the story was headed seems all too hard.

I put it away in a drawer and then in a few months time I get YET ANOTHER bright idea and I start writing feverishly and I think it's good, it is really good and then I either do too much & burn out or I start writing in small increments and lose the pace.

I am starting to think I am a serial starter and will NEVER EVER EVER finish a story. Which means I can no longer class myself as a writer can I?

Lets see...

Book 1 - Rosie Speaks; wrote 66K and put it aside because it lost pace.

Book 2 - Murder House & Other stories; wrote 14K and put it aside to attempt NaNoWriMo

Book 3 - Two Islands; wrote 50K and have only dabbled in backstories since an epic month

Book 4 - The Dodgy Uterus; wrote 18K before grief blindsided me.

Today I set the printer running hot - 145 pages of my story printed and bound, I have decided to start charting the chapters / story arc in order to see where (if possible) this story could go. 

I could go on and on about all the excuses in the world but quite simply I have Dory fever. Ooh look something shiny. My name's Dory. Ooh shiny new stuff. Hi My name's Dory. Over the weekend I decided enough was enough these stories won't write themselves and obviously I am not prioritising my writing nor am I doing a good job at prioritising other stuff too. 

I am officially turning over a new leaf. 
I hearby pledge: 
- to write a little each day on any of my stories
- to not start any new stories until NOVEMBER 
- to try and get one or two to editing stage. 

I am writing it all here as part of accountability to myself and so that I can find a way back to a regular writing schedule.  

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