Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Just Keep on Bouncing...

You know those moments you think *now* is the perfect time to start Landscaping and installing new fences?

Yeah. Perfect time. My arse!

As it stands, I have dirt (actually no... with all this rain we are experiencing I have MUD) covering 2/3 of our backyard.

The temporary fences are failing as our 9mo pup is either practically walking over them, or sticking her head through and forcing holes in it.

Our septic system was off for the entire day as the only line available was right where they were working which meant NO WASHING.

And my dishwasher died. Because you know needing a new oven right now wasn't a big enough expense when added to the cost of the landscaping.

My floors are a mess, I am not getting a decent run with anything and every other minute I seem to be standing at the sink washing more dishes. And would you believe I told hubby I would wait for a dishwasher, that I was HAPPY to continue washing up. Seriously who is this person.

Hubby on the other hand told the Sales man we will probably see him on the weekend. Secretly I don't think I will last until then ;)

To add fuel to the fire - yesterday I declared I was quitting this housewifing gig. After fighting with a brand new clothes trolley that was worse than an ikea flat pack. I managed to wash not one but a bundle of tissues. Tissues I could have used as this thing they call life nips at my heels.

Tomorrow is another day and meanwhile I shall keep on bouncing. And washing up.


Sarah said...

Oh Car, I feel for you. I decided that half way through decorating my bathroom was a really good time to start stripping the paper from my dining room - I discovered half the plaster had blown and now I need to take all that off as well. No doubt the bricks will now fall out of the wall, the will will fall down, Miss Macs bedroom will end up in the dining room and the roof will cave in! I haven't had a dish washer for 5 years now since it started making a chirupping sound and then something flew out of it nearly taking my eye out but we now have a rota and Miss Mac does the washing up on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do all the breakfast dishes (except at weekends) and Monday and Wednesday nights and SD does them Friday, Saturday and Sunday - it seems to work ok. Hope you get some dry weather and get that yard sorted soon! xx

becanne said...

Just buy enough dishes so that you only need to wash up once a week.
Or disposable everything.
Or go out to dinner every night.
Garden will be worth the pain when it is done. As long as the dog doesn't dig it all up...