Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vampire Diaries {from the archives}

I finally got my blood test done today (testing my immunity for both Rubella and Chicken Pox virus') when I arrived, I was feeling quite DOWN, so I wrote in my notebook a bit while the vampire (plebotomist? I think they are known as) rang the GP to find out why she had written "fasting" for these particular tests? Turns out she made a mistake. Damn, I did hope for a whole mill-i-second that I would be able to come back another day... needle phobic that I am.

It was not to be. I sat and he primed up my right arm while I mentioned I hate needles and he agreed and said "I can see that" I jumped when he jabbed the needle in, but to be honest it was quite alright (as far as needles in your arm go) UNTIL... have you had much to drink today, as in water? No. Why? Well your blood is not coming. So out comes the needle and I'm thinking damn it, I'll have to come back now for yet another needle stick... but before I know what is happening he's off and priming my other arm to jab me - eeek!!!

Moral of the story - if your fucking scared of needles. make sure you drink PLENTY OF FLUIDS before going to get a blood test, otherwise the vampire will stick you in both bloody arms!!!