Thursday, February 17, 2011

Swearing at the Car Radio

I spend quite a bit of time in my (really cool) car driving into Brisbane for work. Most days I dont have any CDs on hand (exceptioning some great classics of Dorothy the dinosour and The Fairies) and am too slack to plug in the iPod - so radio it is. I listen to the local station 97.3FM simply because they generally have the best music and the morning crew are just bearable, but only just!

Today "Brenda" was on discussing her issues ~ her husband went off and got a vasectomy WITHOUT her consent. She went along with him to the Dr's appointment and told the doctor she didnt agree with the procedure and was informed that it wasnt her body, it was her husbands and therefore nothing to do with her.

While I strongly agree that a vasectomy should be a joint decision made with your partner, my heart just ached for her when she said her CHOICE was taken away from her. My own recent experiences can vouch for the heartbreak of having your choice removed.

Then she dropped the bombshell "we had agreed we were finished and not having anymore children, we already have 3 beautiful children"

{insert expletives here}

Cue banshee style yelling at the radio, where even her next statement of how they had struggled to conceive their 3 children & wouldnt have just fallen pregnant naturally did nothing to curb my outburst.

It made me wonder for the remainder of my drive, am I always going to be so bitter and twisted about stuff like this?

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