Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The one with "Dr Google"

Do you use Dr Google.

I do.

I honestly can't help myself. I punch in symptoms and find myself trawling varying websites for cures, fixes, help. I just can't leave it well alone.

I've managed to get myself into a state with all this Dr Googling and have now self-diagnosed myself with anxiety. I probably don't have it (& yes I know I probably SHOULD go to the real Dr google) but I do have some eerily similar symptoms

For now I am going to put it down to daily work stresses. Today I have felt a tightening across my chest (almost like a pulled muscle) it's more pesky rather than anything to be worried about and I'm sure that it's got to be some form of anxiety as it only occurs when I'm really stressing. Work has me on edge and I am counting down those remaining days, which actually makes me sad because truly I love the workplace, I love the girls. I just can't deal with the added stress of my vast experience at the job combined with juggling home life, mum life, wife life, travel and my personal issues over this journey.

It sure beats the alternative... thinking it could be heartburn (a more common IPS *) 

* Imaginary Pregnancy Symptom    

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