Monday, May 16, 2011

Blog Stats

I was reading a few blog posts yesterday about popularity of blogging and why we do it. For me and remember even though this is a relatively NEW [public] blog, I have been blogging and writing for 5 years. Prior to discovering blogs, I'm not sure what I did with my day :) but I am here purely because I can be and I want to raise awareness of endometriosis. I am not out to gain popularity (though more than 3 followers on my sidebar would be REALLY appreciated... make me feel I'm not just talking to myself you know?) but truly, I just needed to do this to have a record for ME. I'm not even sure why I made the jump to share my troubles with the world. Perhaps I feel that by putting it out there, I maybe able to help one person?

Interestingly though, I bought up my blog stats (the whole 240 page views since I started out earlier this year) and it appears I had a referring site from what we shall call a 'pawno' (spelt incorrectly to save people googling it ;) I was a little shocked and for half a second considered shutting it all down & going private.. I'm not sure why that particular site (and boy what a site it was :O and I'm definitely not a prude) would have a link back to me and my little blog, I can only assume because I have used the womanly word starting with V... perhaps?

Today I'm not too concerned, I'm going to keep on nattering here whether people read me or not. Having this space has helped ME and for me that is what blogging is all about!

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