Thursday, May 26, 2011

The clear diet

Less than 24 hours to go and I am feeling a little more organised and a lot more worried (though not as anxious about the previous things that had been worrying me) in preparation of the bowel prep tonight, I started a clear liquid diet this morning (Dr suggested 24 hours prior to surgery... that means I can only have clear liquids such as soups, jellies, juices, etc) to say I am STARVING is an understatement! DH convinced me to have a piece of toast & a coffee this morning and I'm so glad he did (otherwise it would have been nearly 48 hours between food - I don't think so!) so I haven't eaten anything solid since 8am this morning :O SO HUNGRY! It is only 1:45pm, the bowel prep won't be performed until later tonight (by which stage I don't think I will be wanting to eat somehow) but many, many hours to go and I am trying to drink as much water as possible (though am failing miserably) I also bought 2 x Watermelon Chill gatorades which I am trying to guzzle as I'm hoping to build up enough electrolytes prior to pooping them all all. Gawd knows if this logic will work or not!
Lunch today was a bowl of Vegetable Soup (minus the little vege pieces)
Dinner tonight (very early) will be a bowl of chicken noodle soup (minus the noodles), followed by some green jelly for desert.

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