Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home, sweet, home!

Boy oh boy is it good to be home! I'm feeling a little worn out as I spent the morning pacing the corridors of the hospital waiting for DH to pick me up. He arrived at 11:30am and it was the quickest discharge ever, in the car and on our way home with a pitstop for a maccas coffee on the way (better than an IV of morphine any day!!!) though I only managed about half of it!

Picked up a tired little girl from nannas and bought her home where she had an absolute meltdown when we put her to bed, in between all this, I collapsed into bed and the dog (accidentally) jumped on my tummy "OUCH" he does this at least once every operation, my reaction time wasnt quick enough (but he has been so gentle ever since... Though he could be scared because I roared at him :o )

I still have the god-awful sexy white stockings to be worn while resting up over the next few days, the nurse strongly suggested them and the are ok as long as I can take them off for small snippets of time.

My tummy seems to have deflated to about half the size that it was last night, it is still a wee bit puffy from the gas (thankfully the peppermint tea did its job on the gas) but I was looking in the mirror before and it appears I am now a little lopsided... One side I can see a fairly well defined waist once more, but the other side is puffy, puffy, puffy!

Pain is barely there, I was sent home with no drugs and told to take nurofen and panadol (together if really needed) to manage it if it flairs up again and if that doesnt work to try panadeine. I'm not too concerned about the no drugs as I had only had panadol at 6am this morning and coped well all day (even with all the walking around) plus I still have a box of painkillers from lap 1 earlier this year in the cupboard if I get absolutely stuck! Everyone (even the nurses) keep commenting on how quicky I bounce back after my ops!

The other thing I wanted to note is how sore the muscles in my back are, hot water in the shower really helps ease the aching feeling.

After this operstion, I had to have a Clexane shot each night, first night in the thigh and am now sporting a huge bruise! Last night went into the tum and I cant see a bruise (yet)

After the episode yeserday of the shoulder tip pain & taking the endone tablet, I had a Shortness of breathe. just every now and then it was a bit of a shallow breathe and is still hanging about today (though not as much) just wanted to mention it here as I'm sure I will have this operation again in the future and wanted to record all the symptoms (perhaps not the right word)

And Lastly, once the Gas in my shoulders had dissipated and travelled down, there was a point where it felt it was caught in my chest cavity. I could literally feel it balled up and expanding my ribcage "ouch" this was not a good feeling when I had laid down a little to try some sleep and even worse it made it harder to try and sit up, I felt a bit like a turtle on its back, but this was alleviated by putting the bed into a semi sitting position and letting that gas sink down, down and out! An absolute pain in the butt having to sleep sitting up for two nights (pardon the pun)

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