Saturday, May 28, 2011


I finally drifted off to sleep this morning around 5am just as my drip ran out and started beeping. I then fell into a deep sleep, only to be woken at 6:30am by the nurse wanting to take the catheter out :o ouch!

I have been peeing a heap all day and am still being measured and scanned to make sure my bladder is emptying, it is slowly getting there and they aren't too concerned at this stage, though its a pain to have to buzz the nurses each time I go to the loo!!!

I've had a few visitors, my 2 besties and my folks as well as MIL, DH and DD. Unfortunately I have struggled with the shoulder tip pain ALL day and while it was manageable with the morning visitors, by about 3pm it was out of control. Short stolls around the hospital corridors didnt help ease it, nor did the nurofen. When the nurse saw I was in agony with it, she gave me one endone tablet. Just one tablet knocked it on its arse and has knocked me around too (feeling very shaky, but so much better than I was an hour ago!!!) Even though the Dr said I could go home this afternoon if I felt like it, I decided to stay in one more night because of the pain I was in before! I'm hopeful that the tablet keeps it at bay and I will continue drinking peppermint tea in the hopes the settling gas will exit the other end LOL!

I had a chat with the Dr this morning and he was really happy with the operation, he removed the nodule and said it was about the size of a golf ball :o He also had to remove some endo on the ovaries, which was a bit of a shock, because that definately wasnt there at the op in January... Its bringing it home just how ferocious this disease can be. Its making me think a pill to stave its regrowth is a mighty fine idea, even though the thought of no more babies makes me sad :( that will be something I need to deal with in the coming months and I think I may need to see a professional to get my head around it all.

I got to see some cool photos of the operation, in particular the lump coming out, which I might post when I get copies at my follow up appointment. He doesn't think there is anything sinister about the lump, but it is being sent off for a biopsy just incase!

In the meantime, I recover a little more each day (obviously I screwed that up by being in so much more pain today than yesterday - whoops) I cannot drive for a week or so, and special relations are off limits until after my follow up appointment in July (not surprising considering I have one long stitch along the back wall of the hoo-haa :) my poor DH though... Tee hee hee!

So all in all, it's all good... If we can just tackle the windy issues, I'll be on the home run LOL!

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