Friday, May 27, 2011

On the ward

I survived! Im back in the ward and have been since 12pm today. Operation went better than expected and was about an hour less than originally quoted (wonder if I get a refund???)

After the clear diet all day yesterday and fasting from 9pm last night (when I went to bed) I was absolutely starving and was quick to request food when I was out of recovery!

They bought clear soup.... OMFG - I'm so hungry people!

After drinking every single drop and questioning the nurse during every obs, they finally relented and gave me a few little sandwiches and a cup of strong black tea with no sugar *yucch* The sandwiches went down well and I was given a normal dinner tonight with a white tea, though I left the soup uneaten!!! (funny that!)

I'm still hooked up to oxygen, a drip (fluids) and a PDA of morphine (noice... Though have barely touched it as I'm not in any real pain & it makes me sleepy) the Catheter is still in and I have these cool pump up pads on my legs, over the sexy white circulation stockings... Its like a free massage!

So am going quite good. Very happy with my op and VERY happy with my surgeon, he had a beautiful bedside manner pre-op this morning. I havent seen him post op to find out all the ins and outs yet, but Im feeling mighty relaxed now that its all done!

Tomorrow will be quite the day with visitors, as long as they come bearing my requests (after all my lists, I forgot the hairbrush and moved the crochet scissors to a different bag, shame cause Im crocheting up a storm already!!!) DH is heading in tomorrow and said he would bring me a special coffee *yay* love my hubby!!!

All mistakes (both grammatical or spelling) can be blamed on either posting from the iPad or the morphine, not the user... 'kay? great!

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