Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The one about Poo(h)

With only 9 days to go, I am starting to worry over certain factors of this upcoming operation. Surprisingly I am not too scared of the actual operation. Sure waking up groggy, experiencing some pain & being uncomfortable is not my idea of a cup of tea, but I keep reminding myself of my last major operation and don't recall that pain being all that bad. Uncomfortable and frustrating that I couldn't do my normal stuff for several weeks yes but on a whole, not all that dreadfully BAD. However I do worry that the pain levels of that operation dimmed in comparison to the appendicitis attack I had prior to that. Now THAT pain was HORRIFIC!

What I am TOTALLY freaking out about is the enema. I spoke to a good friend today (who incidentally is a nurse) and it has left me feeling somewhat TERRIFIED of the prospect :O being the good friend she is, she has offered to come over the night before and administer said enema... though this was offered after a bout of hysterical laughing (hers) ~ holy shit, what am I in for??? While I think it's lovely she offered to help & has said she will wipe the memory from her mind immediately thereafter... I declined and said I should be right with my husbands help. He on the other hand is NOT looking forward to it (nor am I, truth be told... but what is one to do?) much rather that option than never being able to look my friend in the eye again :)

The after effects of this do not worry me, I know I will be up most of the night on the toilet - that is no drama for me (even the waterfall pooping effect doesn't bother me greatly) what does bother me is:

1) performing it correctly (what if I stuff it up?)

2) Having a 'poo-splosion' before I get on the toot

3) dehydration

Once I can get that over & done with next Thursday night ~ I am sure I will be feeling a lot more relaxed.

Any tips (or advise) will be GREATLY appreciated!!!!   

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