Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Post Op - Day 3

I had a wonderful night sleep last night, even with several wake up calls (a loo stop, a massive thunderstorm, a sniffly little girl twice and a dog) but it was totally blissful sleeping while laying down! Albeit if it was on my side with "the husband" not the real husband, the pillow husband (tis the only way I can sleep on my side) by about 1am, I found I could actuallu put more weight on the incisions far better to wrap around the husband then to be sleeping flat on my back! 

Today I am feeling really good, no pain and no drugs taken so I think I am well on the way to recovery. I have been trying to get up and walk around a bit more, but find an hour spent up finds me scuttling back to bed for an hour of rest. Tomorrow I will aim for 2 hours up, 1 hour rest! I am walking completely normal (no hunchback of notredame here) my neighour was quite surprised to see me up and about, "what you only got out of hospital yesterday... It must have been fairly minor surgery" ummm... No, quicker then expected, but I would still class it as major! 

Today the anaesthetic has caught up and I found myself sleeping after lunch and when DH woke me as he was heading out, I just wanted to keep sleeping! *yawn* that is pretty usual for me, it takes a few days for thr anaesthetic to course its way through my system! 

I rang the Drs this morning and have to go in for a check up this Thursday, I was a little surprised as he had said see you in 6 weeks when he saw me yesterday, but his secretary checked with him and he wants to see me. I was a bit worried that they wouldnt keep my 6 week appointment which I need as it will be the all clear (sort of like a post birth appointment) anyhow, he is the Dr and knows best... Besides my dear hubby will be driving me in as it wont have been quite a week since my op by then. Its all good, hubby has said we can go for a late lunch or drop into Max Brenners choc shop... Hmmmm, chocolate! 

I am getting really bored sitting around, I managed to finish another 4 crochet squares for a blanket I am working on, while in hospital and again today at home while watching back to back episodes of Charmed. I was going to attempt some quilting earlier, but sort of glad I didnt as I was getting a wee bit pooped just playing with the crochet squares layout, perhaps tomorrow I can start something! 

I have a lot going through my mind on the subject of babies, but currently I'm too afraid to process those thoughts, so I'm shoving them down and concentrating on getting better... I'm sure there will be plenty of time to work through that when I'm back on my feet in a few weeks time.

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Ruth said...

Car, I hope you continue to feel better today. Take it easy xxx